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Focus on U. Left side of U is “Before”. Right side of U is “After”. After clients are done with All about U Massage services, they will be higher than before: a healthier Mom, a More confident Dad, a Better athlete, and most importantly, a happier U.

If you look at the leaf above, you will see the orange on the left is lower (the way one comes in) and the taller orange is then you leaving after your session, a healthier orange leaf on the right, which represents “U” after your session at All About U Massage and Wellness.  Your session will help relax you, eliminate pain and stiffness, improve confidence, just to name a few.  Click on the red link to book your appointment now.

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Our Services

Couple Massage Therapy

A couples massage is a massage given to two people in the same room at the same time. It allows both partners to experience relaxation and stress relief together. Couples massages are typically performed by two therapists working simultaneously in the same room.

Rapid Reset Massage

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, is a revolutionary new soft tissue movement technique that addresses the central nervous systems role in alleviating pain, tension and restrictions within muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, scar tissue, and nerves

LED Light Therapy

The specialized light energy delivered by our products supports the body’s natural healing processes while increasing circulation and decreasing pain.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem—such as a frozen shoulder. Therapeutic massage is a mobilisation of the soft tissues in order to induce relaxation. Therapeutic massage uses a combination of specific massage techniques to produce a therapeutic effect. Therapeutic massage can be used to reduce stress, decrease pain and increase feeling of calmness and well-being.

Ear & Nose Piercing

This is a style of massage therapy which focuses on getting results versus just relaxing. It is a style of treatment where massage therapists mobilize your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.) to

Advanced Acne Treatment

The Acne Advanced 3-Step Treatment System utilizes natural and botanical actives to deliver a proven organic solution for those looking to treat and prevent acne. The system features full-sized versions of the Cleansing Foam, Clarifying


(temporomandibular Joint)
from one of our RMT's - We also can do *30mins *45Min, * 60mins *75mins * 90mins *120mins

Pre-Natal / Post- Natal Massage Therapy

A prenatal massage is a full body massage that is similar to a relaxation / Therapeutic massage except for a few modifications with body positioning that can ensure the safety and comfort for both mother and baby.

Eminence Organic Facial

An Eminence Organic Facial is a professional facial treatment that uses Eminence Organic Skin Care products specifically designed to cater to various skin types, from dry and sensitive to acne-prone and everything in between

Infrared Sauna Blanket

An infrared sauna blanket is essentially an infrared sauna — which uses infrared rays to heat the body directly — but in blanket form. So instead of having four walls and a bench for sitting, an infrared sauna blanket wraps around your body as if it's a sleeping bag that plugs into a wall and heats up.

Eminence Organic Facial

This is a style of massage therapy which focuses on getting results versus just relaxing. It is a style of treatment where massage therapists mobilize your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.) to

Oxygen Therapy

(temporomandibular Joint)
from one of our RMT's - We also can do *30mins *45Min, * 60mins *75mins * 90mins *120mins

Certified Massage Therapy

Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) focuses on a wide range of prevention techniques to address the reasons you are experiencing aches and pains. They are not able to provide direct billing, or guarantee your provider will re-imburse your claim.

Thai Foot Reflexology

Whole body wellness starts with your feet!Thai foot massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet that open up the Sen Lines (energy lines), by stimulating the reflex and acupressure points with massage, stretching and a Thai stick.

TMJ Massage

A TMJ Massage is a massage for jaw pain. A treatment for Bruxism, Jaw Clenching, the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction. Your masseter muscle is your primary chewing muscle, it covers the sides of the jaw just behind the cheeks. It's also the muscle that clenches your jaw and grinds your teeth.

Aromatherapy Using Essential Oils

This is a style of massage therapy which focuses on getting results versus just relaxing. It is a style of treatment where massage therapists mobilize your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.) to

Eminence Mini Facial

(temporomandibular Joint)
from one of our RMT's - We also can do *30mins *45Min, * 60mins *75mins * 90mins *120mins

Body Scrub

(temporomandibular Joint)
from one of our RMT's - We also can do *30mins *45Min, * 60mins *75mins * 90mins *120mins

Indian Foot Massage

Definition of treatment - foot massage is a specialized massage of the feet and lower legs using oils and a small bronze bowl or 'wand'. Benefits of this foot treatment - As the massage stimulates the pressure points on the feet, blood flow is increased

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. Here are some advantages of getting a hot stone massage: 1. Helps relieve muscle tension and pain


A relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle treatment that relieves muscular tension, increases circulation, and promotes a general sense of relaxation.

Thai Hot Stem Massage

Thai Hot Stem Massage is a form of massage that has drawn various components of other modalities to create a soothing purifying and rejuvenating treatment. Treatments involve 2 stems, in addition to massage techniques. What are the benefits of Thai stem massage? A Thai Stem Massage relaxes the body, easing the muscle knots and improving blood flow. The plant extracts used in the herbal compress possess strong healing properties and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the epidermis.

Organic Peel Full
Organic Peel Mini

What Do Facial Peels Do? Peels are simply a form of chemical exfoliation. They remove dead skin cells, mainly through the use of acids that loosen the bond between the cells, and dissolve debris away. Unlike physical exfoliants (like scrubs and microdermabrasion), peel ingredients sink into the skin, targeting deeper layers than a physical exfoliant can reach. Despite this, a peel is often considered more gentle than a scrub. For those with a sensitive skin type who still want to smooth and refresh their complexion, a light peel is a fantastic option that won’t aggravate their complexion. What Are The Benefits? Smooths Skin Evens Skin Tone Primes Skin Minimizes Fine Lines Shrinks Pores Clears Congestion Prevents Breakouts What Are The Different Types? When trying to decide what level of peel you need, keep in mind that there are three main types that vary greatly 1. Deep Or Strong Peels Generally, skin care professionals deem a deep peel as the strongest type of chemical peel, using acids like phenol or trichloroacetic acid (TCA) in a painful process that penetrates deeply into the middle layer of the skin and causes a second degree burn on the face. Side effects from deep chemical peels include multiple weeks of recovery while the new skin develops, the appearance of redness or burns and the skin literally peeling or flaking away from the face. 2. Medium Peels More mild than a deep peel, most medium strength peels in the industry use TCAs that result in redness with a five to seven day recovery period. These peels are often used to treat scarring and photodamaged skin. It is worth noting that while these peels are more mild and involve less risk than deep peels, there is still a chance of developing scarring and blistering from a medium-strength peel. 3. Light Peels The most gentle type of facial peel is effective without any downtime. Light peels, like Eminence Organics VitaSkin™ Exfoliating Peels, don't require recovery as they do not exfoliate below the epidermis. Available for four skin care goals, you can find Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel (with lactic and glycolic acids), Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel (with lactic and mandelic acids), Calm Skin Chamomile Exfoliating Peel (with lactic and mandelic acids) and Clear Skin Willow Bark Exfoliating Peel (with lactic and salicylic acids)

Drop-In Chair Massage

This is a massage that takes place on a massage chair, taking the weight off the spine and gives easy access to the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage, also known as champissage, is a treatment that focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck, and shoulders What does an Indian head massage involve? Indian Head Massage is an

Marence Facial

MARENCE is less focused on wrinkles and instead offer for products to help you improve the texture of your skin and help achieve a face healthy glow!

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping can reduce painful inflammations by assisting in the removal of cellular waste, reduce pressure on never endings and pain receptors, relax muscles and aid in the reconstruction of damaged or atrophied muscles.

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

This is a style of massage therapy which focuses on getting results versus just relaxing. It is a style of treatment where massage therapists mobilize your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc.) to

Raindrop Treatment

Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and moist heat to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. The purpose of the therapy is to bring total balance, harmony, and body wellness – mental, physical, and emotional.

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